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Thank the Unions
Posted On: Feb 23, 2011
Before joining the anti-public union movement maybe you should stop and think about what unions have done for you, even if you are not a member and never will be a member of a union. Do you appreciate your 40 hour work week? Thank the unions. Have you or someone you know made minimum wage? Thank the unions there is a minimum wage. Do you enjoy safety standards at work so you do not have to risk injury or death? Thank the unions. Women, are you thankful you have maternity rights? Thank the unions. What about your employee health care and benefits, do you think you'd enjoy those without the unions? Nope, thank the unions. I ask that you stop and take a moment to think about all the benefits that you have thanks to union labor and the right to collective bargaining. There is not a day that goes by that you do not use a resource or have a benefit that you would not have had without the union movement in this country. So take a moment and contact your legislator and ask them to end their assault on collective bargaining and union employees. Use the link provided to find your legislator and call them or e-mail them. Middle class families across Iowa, your neighbors, and your friends will all thank you that you did.
West Des Moines Professional Fire Fighters L-3586
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